About Us

Greenfuels 4u LTD is a newcomer to the sector, and from the outset has, and is, endeavouring to become as green as it can. We bought an old abandoned stone quarry in 2014 and have built the building and business you see today.

With no electricity on site, we have added a solar array, with battery storage, to ensure our impact on the environment remains as low as it can. We even harvest rainwater for use on site as there is no supply anywhere near us!

The building itself has been clad with wood, as we felt that not only does it blend into the environment better, its a truly greener alternative to cement rendering!

Kiln drying our wood, is the  only way we can consistently produce a quality product. In an attempt to maintain our green standards, we use waste wood, to fuel the boilers that dry the logs. This is wood that might otherwise go to landfil!